The seven most common bugs, glitches and errors on PC

Most video game developers want their creation to be in perfect condition on release. However, desire alone is often not enough: a modest budget, a greedy publisher, unrealistic deadlines, etc. etc. Bugs, glitches and errors are quite a common occurrence in the modern gaming industry, unfortunately. First, the developer releases an unfinished product, and then, after the release, “finishes” it with the help of numerous patches and updates.

Bugs and glitches can be roughly divided into several categories: those that help, those that make you laugh, those that scare, and those that simply interfere with the gameplay or completely break it. Such “unplanned elements” are present in every game, no matter what state it seems to be in. All players can do is hope that the game they launch will be as polished as possible.

In today's article, we will look at seven of the most common game errors, bugs and glitches, and share with you some tips on how to get rid of them or at least level their negative effect on the gameplay a little.

The 7 most common video game glitches, bugs and errors

Many players have long been accustomed to ignoring the game's "irregularities" or even using them to their advantage, for example, to break the natural progression of the level or get some something cool item ahead of schedule. However, some of these technical flaws can actively interfere with the normal game - let's get to know them better!

1. Crashes, freezes, crashes

Hangs and crashes - in some cases very synonymous phenomena - represent perhaps the most annoying technical problem with which players around the world face almost daily. In fact, the game (or any other application) becomes completely inoperable, does not respond to any actions from the user. In some cases, the game is completely closed a.k.a. flies out; a.k.a. "sprays".

Code execution problems and hardware failures/incompatibilities are the most common causes of video game crashes.

Unlucky enough to encounter crashes of the right toy on your PC? Try the following:

  • make sure your PC meets the minimum system requirements for the game;
  • update the graphics drivers of your video card;
  • install up-to-date versions of DirectX,. NET Framework, OpenGL, Microsoft Visual Studios C++ and other software required for the normal operation of many applications, including video games;
  • start the installation of all pending updates for Windows OS;
  • check if the hardware components of your PC (video card, HDD/SSD, CPU, etc.) are functioning properly;
  • completely reinstall the game;
  • restart your PC.

2. Graphic glitches and bugs

Graphic glitches are the wrong display of certain things in the video game space. As a rule, such glitches do not pose a particular problem, but they can pretty much spoil the overall impression of the game. From bugs in the user interface to missing "assets" in the game world, graphic glitches can affect not only the picture, but also the gameplay.

A typical example of a graphic glitch is the invisible drowner in The Witcher 3. strikes at maximum difficulty - it becomes somehow insulting. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to deal with graphic glitches. Often, restarting the game or installing a fresh patch helps, in some cases updating the graphics drivers.

3. Broken gameplay

Some of you have probably been in a situation where the game asked for one thing, but in reality everything was completely different. For example, in Red Dead Redemption 2, your Arthur Morgan needs to park a wagon somewhere in the middle of the forest, but the game stubbornly continues to think that you and your vehicle are in the wrong place - and the mission has failed, and for the fifth or sixth time already.

The gameplay of modern games consists of hundreds if not thousands of scripts that can be broken with a single button press. Is your game broken? Well, then it's time to load your previous save or completely restart the game. As they say, the more parts in the mechanism, the easier it is to disable it.

In some cases, however, game saves break along with the game. In this case, you have to not only restart the game itself, but also start the passage again, which can be somewhat problematic if the original passage has already taken several tens or hundreds of hours. As a rule, such serious bugs and errors are fixed by developers in future patches.

4. Audio problems

What is the most important thing in a video game? Some will say that this is graphics, others - the gameplay, others - the plot. And they are all right, of course, but what about sound? It's true that many of us rarely pay attention to the soundtrack of a game, especially if we've just returned home from a long, tiring day at work and just want to relax a bit.

However, when the sound "breaks", the entire gameplay breaks along with it. For example, in a game like Dead by Daylight, the player constantly has to rely on a variety of audio cues: footsteps, hits, shouts, supernatural occurrences, and so on. etc. Or, for example, in the classic Devil May Cry 3, the player can rely on sounds from opponents to predict their intentions.

So what to do if you encounter certain sound bugs, errors and glitches? Here's what you can do:

  • reload the game level or the game itself;
  • restart the computer;
  • update your sound card drivers;
  • install a fresh patch for the game.

In some cases, the sound problem may be unsolvable - it remains only to wait for the release of the next update.

5. Text errors and bugs

Incorrect declensions, missing characters, or a word that is out of bounds - text errors and bugs can be a real nightmare for literacy lovers. Problems with the text can be roughly divided into two categories: those that annoy and those that break the gameplay. You can still somehow put up with the first ones if they are fleeting or appear only at some specific moment in the game, but it’s impossible to put up with the second ones, because the whole game breaks down because of them.

Typical examples: incorrect control hints in Batman: Arkham Knight (you play with a controller, and the symbols are MW + M) and Fallout 4, where the game asks to get you one the number of tubes of glue, but in fact you need something completely different. Text problems can be dealt with in different ways - it all depends on the specific case. Not sure what to do with your "text" problem? Try this:

  • restart the level or game;
  • restart your computer;
  • install additional Windows language packs;
  • change the main language of your system to another, for example, from Russian to English and vice versa;
  • Update your game to the latest up-to-date version.

Unfortunately, if none of the above helps you get rid of text problems in your game, then you have no choice but to wait for fresh updates from the developers. If you play a pirated version of the game, then we recommend trying another repack or rip.

6. Damaged save files

Damaged save files are guaranteed to ruin the mood for the rest of the day. With the development of cloud technologies, such a dilemma does not arise so often, however, this can only be said about modern video games. If you play old toys that are not on any of the popular digital platforms, such as Steam or GOG, then broken saves are a verdict.

Here you need to either start all over again, or download other players' save files from the network. As a rule, game saves are located in the root folder of the game itself or in the "Documents" folder on the system partition of the disk, but they can be in other places - you have to google.

7. Misbehaving input devices

Input devices include keyboards, mice and various controllers. The gamepad may not respond to commands if it was connected to the computer after the game was launched - restart the game with the gamepad previously connected. In addition, we strongly advise you to delve into the game settings, because in some cases (in older games in particular) you need to enable controller support yourself. It would also not hurt to check the very performance of the controller, install drivers for it.

PC players have to deal with all kinds of problems on a regular basis: bugs with tricky codes, audio and video glitches, and even sudden hardware failures. However, when faced with technical difficulties, do not be discouraged: the network is full of "well done" who are always ready to offer a solution to your problem. The main thing is to be able to ask the right query in the search engine.