Error 2002G in Battlefield 2042 - how to fix?

Error 2002G appears in the new Battlefield 2042 when a player tries to connect to a particular game server. Sometimes the error alternates with other codes, such as 4c or 13c, but there is not much difference between them. You can see the following information in the 2002G error message:

Unable to load data. You will be redirected to the main menu. Please check your internet connection, make sure the platform client is connected to the network and try again. For details, see

Error Code: 2002G

How do I fix the 2002G error in Battlefield 2042?

The most effective solution to the 2002G error in Battlefield 2042 is to wait. In most cases, the appearance of this code means that there is some kind of problem on the servers of the game, and users are not required to do anything other than wait for the problems to be resolved by EA / DICE technical specialists.

While waiting, users are advised to check the status of servers on EA's official support page.

However, if you are encountering the 2002G error in Battlefield 2042 even after a long wait (up to several hours), plus the support site indicates that there are no problems with the game servers, then you can use the following series of common solutions:

  • checking account blocking ;
  • verifying subscription availability on Xbox Live, PlayStation Plus, Nintendo Switch, and EA Play;
  • restart the router;
  • change of DNS server addresses.

Wait and bug 2002G should safely disappear from Battlefield 2042 without your intervention. [eighteen].